Spiritual Graphic Design for Alternative Businesses

Intuitive web design, website development for spiritual businesses, graphic design, hosting and online business strategies for esoteric individuals and businesses.

Consider more than technical skill when choosing an alternative Web Designer. A broad understanding of business and particularly online business is often overlooked as a necessary skill. It’s also wonderful, and rare, to find someone with the same passions and personal interests as you. Sacred Spaces covers all three. I have the technical skill to build you a compliant and beautiful website, a history of working with online business and a personal commitment to spirituality.

Understanding your spiritual, personal and business goals is my first priority. Then, through the process of website planning and online mapping I can show you how your business can be securely and sustainably embedded in the world wide web. However, we also practice psychic awareness and spiritual connection whilst we work for you. Allowing your spiritual gifts and intuition to lead us in the right direction as we complete the project.

Most business owners intend to be involved in the process of designing their websites and contributing their business know how. However many end up handing the whole process over to an IT expert due to time constraints. A web designer who cannot address the business goals and processes fully can negatively and sometimes permanently affect the success of the business. Equally important is a web designer who has spiritual and alternative interests. You won’t need to worry about your goals and beliefs, I get it!

Preferred method of contact is email
- e: info@nerikdesign.com.au

By partnering with me long term, you have access to the same person and code of conduct throughout the life of the website. Sacred Spaces can maintain, update, grow and refine the website easily, whilst you concentrate on your business and passion.

  • an intuitive and energetically inspired web and graphic designer
  • someone committed to integrity and therefore helping you stay true to yourself
  • intuitive web design for your spiritual or alternative business
  • someone willing to give intuitive suggestions improving content, images, design layout
  • someone who has a commitment to perfection
  • website and email hosting with Australia’s most reliable hosting company
  • no templates such as Wix or Wordpress; complete html and css hand coding
  • creativity and flexibility to bring your dream to life
  • graphic design work including banners, posters, flyers, business cards
  • long term support; I stay with you post launch, for as long as you like
  • no outsourcing, no third parties, just me
  • your success is my success, a great looking website, a successful online business
"It is with great pleasure I write a testimonial for Neri at Sacred Spaces Web Design. Design is exactly what Neri does so well. Neri supplied me with an abundance of pictures to view. I just looked at a few pictures, shared what I liked and why and voila, my website banner was created. It was as simple as that!

The rest of the process creating the look, feel and design followed with ease. I am also loving the fact that my website has the ability to grow and evolve as I do, everything doesn’t have to be done at once. Initially I was concerned because I previously had a CMS where I could make all of the changes myself, but needn’t have been because Neri will do these changes in a timely manner. Neri has also done flyers and a banner including my business cards and I feel for me, Sacred Spaces Web Design is a one stop shop allowing for ease, efficiency, a whole lot of love and incredible insight.

Thank you Neri for your patience, understanding and professionalism "
- Blessings, Maria